This privacy policy sets out how collects and uses any information that you either explicitly or automatically send when using this website.

What this site collects

For the most part, this site is read-only. However, there are a few functions on this site that can and do collect information as a function of what they are. These include:

  • IP Data: A natural part of Internet use is sending source IP data to a destination server --- in this case, No attempt is ever made to link source IP addresses to real people or identities. The only way source IP data is used on this site is indirectly by analytics frameworks. These are mentioned below, along with their respective privacy policies.

Third party functionality and privacy policies

The following third party services are used on this website:


If you would like to contact me for any reason regarding this policy, I can be reached by email at justin (AT) justincaustin (DOT) com.


  1. Ads are not run on this website, and I do not plan to run them in the future.
  2. This policy is subject to updates as different changes are made to this site. Please check back as often as necessary to ensure that you have the latest information.