Why I Use Fedora Linux

My journey with Linux began around my freshman year of high school. I managed to stumble into some pretty bad malware, which left my (Windows Vista) laptop unusable. After desperately trying to fix it (to no avail), I finally went to my parents defeated. We ended up going to Best Buy to see what they could do. After a quick glance, they decided the only way to fix it would be to reinstall Windows, and this would cost us ~$200. This seemed outrageous to me. My parents refused, and I went back to trying to fix it myself.

I ended up finding out about other operating systems under the Linux umbrella. I do not remember exactly where I first heard about them, but I quickly found plenty of resources. I was reading about how these operating systems were free, secure, and extremely customizable. I eventually decided to install Ubuntu as it was supposedly the most user friendly out of the box. I downloaded it, installed it, and fell in love. I eventually learned how to navigate around in the terminal and read GNU and open source philosophy.

Ubuntu was my main operating system until my freshman year of college. There was nothing wrong with Ubuntu, but I just wanted to try something new. I decided on OpenSUSE, mostly because it had the reputation as the best KDE distribution. There were not any big problems, but KDE would crash at least a few times everyday along with other minor annoyances. I sticked with it though until this past summer when I bought a ThinkPad.

I decided to try Fedora and fell in love. Below are the reasons that I feel set Fedora apart:

  • Unmatched GNOME experience
  • Perfect combination of stable and bleeding edge software
  • Excellent hardware support
  • dnf is faster (in my experience) than apt and zypper
  • Only 'Free as in Freedom' software in official repos
  • Feels like a complete product, rather than a hodgepodge of parts
  • Fedora community is second to none

Fedora's community is an amazing resource. There have been numerous times when I was stuck, and I was able to get help quickly from both IRC and Reddit. If you are thinking of hopping distros or trying Linux for the first time, I highly recommend Fedora. We will be happy to help if you run into any difficulties.