Favorites of 2022

Inspired by Fogus’ post, here are some of my favorite things I’ve discovered or rediscovered in 2022.


I’m happy I could read more this year, but I wasn’t good about keeping track of most of them, especially for the first half. That being said, here are some of my highlights, in no particular order:


I’m a big fan of newsletters, and these were some of my favorites this year:


I was also able to read more books, trying to alternate between books relevant and not as relevant to my career. Here are a few highlights:


My favorite piece of software I discovered this year is Obsidian. It’s a personal knowledge base app that has supplanted various note-taking apps I’ve used over the years. It’s not as simple as apps like Apple Notes or Bear, but the UX is super intuitive, and I’ve been pleased with my past six months of usage.


Music continues to be a meaningful part of my life, and I listened to 65,596 minutes of music on Spotify. My top genre was still Indie Folk for at least the 3rd year.

Coincidentally, my top three artists of the year were stylized in all caps: EXES, MXMS, and BANKS. EXES was rediscovered, MXMS was newly discovered, and BANKS has been a top-5 mainstay for the past few years.


I don’t listen to many podcasts, but I highly recommend Everything is Alive. It’s hilarious.


I did reasonably well on my goal of cooking without recipes this year. However, I still discovered a couple of them I recommend:

  • Tomato soup—I replace the celery salt and sugar with a celery stalk and carrot.
  • Burger buns—I make the buns a little smaller when shaping, around 85g instead of 100g.